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Welcome to Grace Quantum Healing

My name is Grace, and I invite you to experience this work for yourself. My office is in Richardson, Texas, and I am available by appointment.

You can arrange for a private treatment session, join a healing circle, or attend an introductory lecture/demonstration. I also offer two-day workshops where you can learn more in-depth healing techniques, such as Quantum-Touch® and Healing with Heaven.

Each session is unique, based on individual concerns, but wherever you are in your healing journey, I guarantee that this work will help you discover more ways to open yourself to the well-being that is naturally yours.

The energy healing is at its best with techniques that soothe the mind/ spirit and bring greater harmony to self.  You can strengthen your body, clear your mind and experience deep relaxation.  It is a powerful work.  The stress melts away and hearts open. Welcome to experience it!

 The material on this website is intended to be informational only and not a substitute for the services of healthcare professionals. Any application of the methods and modalities described herein is at the reader's discretion, and his/her sole responsibility. 
Unless otherwise noted, all photographs copyright by HuiFan Lee.

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